Business Networking


Call it the old boy network if you like, but people do business with people they like. If a friend recommends a business to you then you are more likely to use that business than to look in the Yellow Pages and pick the first advert that catches your eye. Why? – Because you trust your friend and they wouldn’t recommend someone if they were not going to deliver.


So what does Dragons Business Network do that’s different?

The fact of the matter is that like many networks we:

Meet regularly

Expect members to attend or send a substitute if they can’t make it

Encourage members to actively look for referrals

Encourage members to find new members

Expect members to be courteous and positive in meetings

Ask members to be on time and stay for the whole meeting

Encourage members to actively network (but not sell) to the room

Encourage members to use the services of our members in preference to other businesses


Perhaps it is what we don’t do that’s different?

    * Many business networking organisations charge a membership fee that can be several hundreds of pounds a year

      We choose not to do that.

    * Many business networking organisations are nothing more than social clubs

      We exist to promote each others businesses and to generate real referrals.

    * Many business networking organisations have lots of people from the same line of work

      We choose to have only one business in each category so that there is never a personal choice about who gets that type of business.

    * Many business networking organisations have to follow rules from head office

      We are head office! If there is something we don’t like we can debate it and if required change it.

    * Many business networking organisations are happy clappy clubs

      We congratulate people on success but are not the happy clappy squad, but we have fun.

    * Many business networking organisations have too many long meetings

      We meet every 2 weeks and meetings are from 6:45 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.


Why do we meet so early?

If you are serious about business then you probably know that 6:45 a.m. isn’t early! However, we meet at that time so that we can be finished at 8:30 a.m. ready for a normal day of appointments. Lets face it, it is only every two weeks, if doing that for a year was to generate £1000 or £2000 extra income for a small business and maybe £4000 and more for an SME would it be worth your attending for some business for you?


Where do we meet?

Technium Optic, Ffordd William Morgan St. Asaph Business Park, St Asaph, LL17 0JD


How much does it cost?

Currently we charge a flat rate meeting fee that is £20 per month (based on 2 meetings a month). This meeting fee covers the cost of the room and a cooked breakfast with a choice of beverages.


Can I attend the next business networking meeting?

If you would like to attend the next meeting, please contact us using the details on the contacts page and providing there is no conflict between your profession and that of an existing member, we would be pleased to meet you. To find out for sure, use the Contact Us page or at the bottom of this one or call us on 01745 770033


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