Network Membership

Network Business Members come from all sorts of trades including accountants, bookkeepers, electricians, plumbers, IT Consultants, business consultants and many other businesses. We are always looking for a business that is not represented to join the group. You will need to be great at what you do, be able to provide references and be willing to help the group to develop. We expect members to bring referrals for the other businesses as often as possible, this is definitely not a social club but we do have a lot of fun in the meetings.


Arrow Financial Services

01244 322330

Arrow Financial Services has built a reputation for giving jargon free financial advice.

Our aim is simple- to give you expert advice at a level and depth to suit your individual needs.

Being completely independent means that we can provide you with sound, impartial financial advice. With Arrow Financial Services at your side, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that any recommendations are made only after thorough research of the entire market place.

Regular reviews are also offered to account of changes in your life and also changes in the financial market place.

Contact us today, to benefit from expert financial advice.

Arrow Financial Services UK Ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Visit us at:



CRB Auto Services

07597 549893

Mobile & Freelance Mechanic

Have you noticed that your car never has a problem when you have time to get it fixed? Well now there is no need to worry. At CRB Auto Services we can come to you at home or at work and repair the problem while you relax.

We also perform all the usual services:

  • Vehicle maintenance and Servicing
  • Fleet vehicle maintenance
  • Winter & Summer checks
  • Breakdown – Roadside repairs
  • Parts – from a wiper to an engine

Whatever the issue, call us first – you will be suprised at the quality of service and value for money.



Coastal Homes

Office: 01745 369764

Owned by Martin & Carole Adshead, Coastal Homes is the Landlords Choice of Letting Agents.

As landlords themselves Martin & Carole are ideally paced to provide expert advice and support to landlords. Finding suitable tenants is only part of the work they perform, no matter which level of service you choose to sign up for.

With so much legislation to keep your eye on it is their ARLA Certification that ensures they protect their clients from all the possible pitfalls associated with letting properties.

If you are looking to let a property and if you want the best service to ensure you are protected, your property is looked after and that you get paid on time to protect your investment, then you need to call Coastal Homes today.



Commodore Logo

Commodore Finance Ltd

01745 850653

Commodore Finance Ltd are an established firm of financial advisers who can offer a wealth of advice and guidance in relation to your financial needs. We are extremely proud of the the service that we offer to our clients. Everything starts with a visit to meet with you in the comfort of your own home where we look to establish your overall needs and preference, and from this we are able to tailor any advice and guidance to meet your own individual requirements.

We cover all of North Wales and the North West region, providing advice and guidance to our clients on all aspects of their financial needs. We offer whole of market mortgage advice, where we can advise and help you to arrange your mortgage requirements. We do not normally charge any fees when dealing with your mortgage needs, however this is dependant upon you individual circumstances. If a fee is charged our typical fee would be £99.00. Please remember that you home may be repossessed if you do not keep up the repayments on any mortgage or loan secured against it.

Through our numerous business links we are able to offer home building & contents insurance, accident sickness and unemployment cover, commercial Insurance for companies or the self employed including Public Liability cover.

Commodore Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Service Authority.

For full details of our provider and product offering please contact us on 01745 850653 or visit our web site at:


CTSNWWComputer Technical Solutions

01492 818111 or 01745 770033

With so much experience and information to share with you, we really are your one stop shop for all of your Business IT and your Home IT needs.

No matter if you are a Home user or a Business user, a one man band or a multi-national we’re your “computer experts” . . . the people to call when your computer breaks down, when your machine or software needs to be upgraded, when viruses attack and even when you’re about to throw your computer across the room. CTS based in Rhyl is your local IT department for the service and peace of mind you deserve!

No matter what your IT challenge is, we can help and advise you. Oh and just in case you are wondering, we don’t just do Computer repairs in Rhyl, we cover Conwy and Denbighshire, although we prefer it if you can drop off your PC, we will happily visit you. PC repairs, help and Support for all your IT needs.

Covering Conwy, Denbighshire and many of the surrounding areas if we can help you directly we will. Computer repairs in Prestatyn, Rhyl, Abergele, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno and Conwy start with a phone call to us.

We provide Managed Services for Home and Business users and will happily quote for these services as well as visit you to explain the levels of PC support that you will receive on our range of 24/7 Managed Services plans to suite your individual needs.



Testimonial CTSNWW


oDeskContractor HTML5 WindowsServerAdmin Social-Media-Marketing-Consultant HTML401 HelpDesk


Visit us:


DragonElectDragon Security & Electrical Ltd

Office: 01492 548751


Approved and Regulated Alarms

Dragon Security & Electrical are approved Intruder alarm, CCTV & Access Installers recognised by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board). Dragon Security & Electrical has a high standard for their installation of wired and wireless Intruder alarm systems, reflecting our technical expertise and high quality business and operating standards. We are proud to be working towards ISO9001 which will incorporate processes already in place.

Service, Support and 24/7 Monitoring

Our National Service Bureau gives you instant access to our team of trained service engineers, 365 days a year, and our dedicated Alarm Receiving Centres can provide 24 hour remote monitoring constantly providing you with assistance.

Services and skills we can provide you: –

  • Intruder Alarms – Wired, Wireless and Communicated systems.
  • CCTV Systems – Wired and Wireless and Latest IP and 3G cameras.
  • Intercoms – video/audio/ wired, wireless and 3G systems, biometrics.
  • Door Access Systems – Remote openers and automatic door systems
  • Electrical Gate Automation, Car Park Barriers and automated bollard.
  • Panic Alarm Systems.
  • Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Data Network Systems.
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).
  • Audio Visual (AV) Systems design and installations.
  • Vehicle Recording systems and Tracking units.

Visit us at:







Fuel Doctor North Wales Ltd

The UK’s Fuel Emergency Service

0845 4590000

24 Hour Mobile Emergency Fuel Drain Service

Put the wrong fuel in your car? Don’t worry, we can come to you, drain the fuel from your tank and put some of the right fuel back in your system. We will get your vehicle running again so you can continue your journey.

No expensive trips to the garage for the vast majority of our clients, we get them going without any issues.

If you get caught out, call the Fuel Doctor right away.


JN Physiotherapy

07738 333904

J N Physiotherapy

When pain strikes is can seriously hamper your ability to deal with even the simplest of daily tasks. JN Physiotherapy provides a professional physiotherapy solution tailored to the individual to help them achieve specific aims and goals.

By working together on simple exercises along with regular treatment by our highly qualified staff pain can become a thing of the past and your activity levels can return to normal.

In our Rhyl clinic we are based at Rhyl Leisure centre:  Here we treat Sports Injuries, Musculoskeletal problems, post-surgical rehabilitation and insurance related rehabilitation. A great advantage being we work closely with fitness and exercise professionals in an exercise environment.

Our Domiciliary service provides Musculoskeletal, Neurological and Respiratory rehabilitation.  Providing treatment in the clients own environment.

We are also pleased to announce an exciting new service:  We now offer a full biomechanical gait and running clinic provided by our own biomechanical gait analyst podiatrist and physiotherapists, to assist in lower limb and back pain problems caused by walking or running.  Providing tailor made orthotics and rehab for our clients




REB Letting

Telephone: 01745 590919


The Home of Rhuddlan’s Premiere Letting Agents.

Purchased in 2012 by Martin & Carole Adshead this business provides a route to market for the landlord with high expectations. Specialists in matching landlords requirements to tenants.

If you are a tenant and you are looking for a property Martin & Carole have Coastal Homes and REB Lettings properties to offer.



The Will Wizard

07910 153119

Bill Finegan

What makes Bill Finegan the ideal Will Writing Wizard for you is his knowledge of the financial industry. Bill spent many years working in that field and has several close friends who are experts in that arena currently.

Now add the knowledge Bill has about his industry and you may just start to see what sets this very likable gentleman head and shoulders above his rivals.

Writing a will is something most people never get around to because the end of our time is not something we dwell on in the UK generally and yet, none of us know when our time will be up.

Planning for your family is always important, a will makes taking care of them easier when you have gone.

You may think “but I haven’t got anything of value!”, but who is to say that things won’t change for the better tomorrow? What about in a years time? What if you won the Euro Millions Jackpot but unfortunately the day after it was deposited in your bank you had a freak accident. Do you really want the state to have all of your money?

It’s time to call Bill “the Will” and get your families future safeguarded.


Princes Plumbing and Heating





Telephone 01691 624336

Renewable energy specialists as well as traditional heating systems combined seamlessly in one company with a focus om delivering high quality products and services to the public as reasonable prices.

Heading up the Plumbing team is Phil White, a respected plumber across North Wales now covering the whole of the North West. If you need help with a new project, lowering your heating costs or just a repair, then don’t sleep with a drip tonight, call Princes and het the problem sorted properly.


Knox Commercial & Insolvency Solicitors


Telephone: 0845 387 0105

The team at Knox Insolvency Solicitors focus on Commercial Law and in particular helping to deal with the legal formation of businesses; guiding you through the best way to set up partnerships preventing issues further down the road. The team also help resolve issues with companies that were not set up correctly and as a result when something goes wrong, their expertise is what stands between losing everything and walking away with a smile.

If you are in business then you should consider speaking to the team so that your business is protected now and in the future.

If you are setting up a company then speak with the team first.

If your business is struggling then Knox Commercial & Insolvency Solicitors are waiting to help you, to guide you and to make sure that everything goes smoothly protecting you and your family during your challenging times.


John Owen Solicitors
Telephone 01745 582333






With a focus on:

  • Agricultural Law and Advice
  • Charity Law and Advice
  • Civil and Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Employment Law advice and document drafting
  • Family Arrangements
  • Landlord and Tenant Litigation
  • Matrimonial and Family Law and Advice
  • Personal Injury
  • Regulatory Advice and Services
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Conveyancing

You can be sure that we can help you through any number of challenges that you may have.